My Life On Hold” features the lives and challenges of children who suffer from chronic illness.  Over 33 million children in the US alone are faced with the challenge of simple survival.

Inspired by Dean Farrell and Phoenix Romero-Booth, “My Life On Hold” is being created as an episodic series for broadcast that focuses on the daily struggles of a diverse cross section of children and their families.

Joining the Orcatek team, Grammy Award winning composer Bruce Lowe will bring his audio alchemy and creative vision for the musical score.

Currently in development, “My Life On Hold” is working to raise funds for the production.

The Genesis of My Life On Hold

Inspired by the story of a close personal friend who’s daughter suffers from End Stage Renal Disease, Dean and his team put their heads and hearts together to create the series that really makes you think.  Dean’s own daughter suffers from Lupus, so he understands the life these children and families face.

Dean often works with Flashes of Hope to photograph children with chronic and often terminal illnesses.  Through this work, he has seen many children who’s spirits made him believe that these kids have something special that more people should be aware of.   He remembers one pre-teen boy he was photographing who wanted a picture with a fireman.  So after his photo shoot the boy went and called the local fire department.  A short while later they arrived and he got his wish.   This boy showed how these children don’t understand the concept of can’t.   And that was what Orcatek Productions wants to show in this project.

Each time we meet one of these amazing children, they are touched by their stories and know that others will feel the same.  They are often surprised at how many of these children there are, because unless you are close to the family, they often appear to be a typical child.   Only after becoming close do we discover they are far from typical.   That is how “My Life On Hold” was born.


My Life On Hold” is about the incredible spirit of these children.  It’s about how much they have to endure to live, to make friends, or simply find a reason to smile knowing that there might not be a tomorrow.

Starting with a 90 minute “stand alone” docudrama, which will provide the project with the elements needed for the pilot for the series.  The project will present the lives of three children which will be split into three episodes when it goes to series.

The project will feature how these children inspire us as they face their challenges with a more positive attitude than we often see in adults.  We will learn about how their condition affects their day to day lives and their longer term goals.  How many keep their health issues hidden from others to seem normal, because they don’t seek special treatment.  They just want to live a life as normal as possible.  But their lives are far from normal, they are inspirational – showing the true power of the human spirit.

Discover how each child learned about their condition, how it changed their lives and how they decided to face the world, knowing that their lives will never be normal.  Learn how their families are impacted, meet their friends and experience the inspirational attitude that these kids have, that goes from the screen and into your heart.

Join us as we laugh, cry and shout for joy as these children talk about “My Life On Hold”.

About Orcatek Productions

In 2012, now under the banner of Orcatek Productions, the Orcatek team brought their first major film to the screen, a documentary on the plight of today’s returning military, Souldier, The Documentary,” IMDB.